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Banka Hesapları

GARANTİ BANKASI- HÜSEYİN KEŞCİ     (ADAPAZARI BULVAR ŞB.) TR15 0006 2000 6520 0006 6936 83 DENİZBANK – HÜSEYİN KEŞCİ     (ADAPAZARI ATATÜRK BULVARI ŞB.) TR42 0013 4000 0069 2190 2000 13 HALKBANK – HÜSEYİN KEŞCİ     (ARİFİYE  ŞB.) TR35 0001 2001 4830 0009 1009 36

Banka Hesapları

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How it all began

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How it all began

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